Meet Ian – Learner Reflection Video

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“I was born a winner, and I will keep on winning.” – Ian

I was a big dreamer and self-motivated.  I was willing to do anything possible to achieve.  I worked and played hard but with all of that, I did not have alignment in life.  I joined a learnership and it changed the way I see life and how to make decisions.  I learned how to formulate smarter goals.  This learnership makes me to be a better person.

I an HeartSplutions learner reflection video

Six months into the learnership, I know the meaning of a dreamer, a hard worker and I know how to make better decisions.  I have been empowered to be a great leader in my life, in the workplace and in the community.  I know that I can be a better father to my kids, I was born a winner and I will keep winning.  Life is good after all.