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Encouraging well-being
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What your learners eat and drink during their training and at their place of work plays an important role in their well-being.  Here are some ideas of refreshments for improved health.   Hydrate and experience the benefits Increased energy & reduced fatigue Weight Loss Less toxins Improved skin complexion Regularity Improved Immune System Less headaches…

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Planning for transformation
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For some people, transformation means a drastic change in whom they appoint or how decisions are made.   The mere thought of change brings on many negative feelings and emotions.  Change is hard and uncomfortable but without change, we can fall behind.  Competent employees who remain more knowledgeable than the employees of your rivals are a…

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Overcoming Socio-economic challenges through learnerships and internships
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Socio-economic challenges feed unemployment As South Africans, we are faced with numerous socio-economic challenges such as drugs and teenage pregnancies and the reality is that things are not getting better.  Our unemployment rate in the first quarter of 2017 was 27.7%.  This is the highest unemployment rate observed since September 2003 as reported by Stats SA…

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Having Difficult Conversations
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When you have to reprimand a person about their conduct or behaviour it must be done in such a manner that both parties are OK; the issue is resolved, the necessary action is taken and the relationship is strengthened. To achieve this your communication must be structured, supportive, co-creative and lifely. When you criticise the…

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Being Conscious Of People’s’ Personalities In Communication
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When you know yourself an others understand you can speak the same language and experience less frustration and greater peace. The DISC personality profiling model is a great tool to use to develop your awareness of self and others and speak the same language. When communicating with a Direct: Be clear, to the point and…

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Core Beliefs and Communication
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We all have ways we see ourselves and the world. Our core beliefs are the basic ways we see ourselves and the world and serves as a filter for our view of ourselves and the world outside of us.   In the situation of making a mistake, a person with a strong negative core belief…

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Satisfying the basic needs when communicating with people
Satisfying Basic Needs When Communicating With People
1024 692 Amanda

To be loved and respected are the deep-rooted needs of all people.  When we are mindful of these needs when communicating, we use the right words and gestures to facilitate the communication process and achieve the desired outcome. Dealing with Anger When communicating with someone who comes across as angry or difficult we usually react…

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Morning Workshop
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This month we are celebrating women in business and the HEART Solutions team wants to say well done and thank you to every woman who is contributing value in her own unique way.  You are truly remarkable!  We believe that critical conversations make work easier and encourage different ideas. Heart Solutions are hosting Friday morning…

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Challenges faced by women enrolled on learnerships
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Challenges faced by women enrolled on learnerships A learnership is a structured 12-month learning programme where employed (18.1) or unemployed (18.2) learners enrol for a national qualification.  They attend training offered by an accredited SETA provider and work at a host employer to gain experience and skills for the full duration of the programme.  They…

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Adapt to a healthy life-style trough a healthy mind-set
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Adapt to a healthy lifestyle through a healthy mindset Our mindsets and perceptions affect how we see the world and ourselves.  Our approach can be positive; negative or somewhere in between.   I often hear women say ‘I need to lose weight’ or ‘I gained so much weight since having my child’ or ‘I was not…

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